The Art Of Wine Tasting

Drinking a glass of vintage wine is amongst life’s biggest satisfaction anyone can experience. A great bottle of white wine is generally served only during special celebrations and celebrations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, task promotions, success parties and so forth. Wine plays an integral role in different drinking cultures and customs. In the majority of countries, it is traditional to bring along white wine whenever invited for dinner by buddies or family members. Smashing an especially unusual of wine on a boat or ship throughout its inaugural event is believed to bring about best of luck and calmer seas. These and a lot more are the reasons that the red wine industry has remained durable throughout the years.

White wine enthusiast or not, knowing good red wine from bad wine is an important skill that you can find out. white wine tasting is considered art even by average red wine enthusiasts. It is a deceivingly basic ability that takes finesse, precision and intimate understanding on wine to master. That or you can discover the art of red wine tasting by following the guidelines below.

Step 1: Using the proper wine opener, uncork the wine and immediately take a small whiff of its smell as prelude to its taste and characteristics. This also serves as an opportunity to determine if the wine is perfectly bottled and fermented. If you smell a strong, stale, musty and acidic odor similar to nail polish or burning wood, don’t proceed to the next steps as what you have is a contaminated wine unfit for drinking.

Step 2: Fill a wine glass to a quarter with wine. Make sure to hold the wine glass only in its stem without any part of your hand in contact with the glass bulb. This is important as the heat from your hand is enough to distort the wine flavor. Step 3: Wait at least 30 seconds after pouring the wine before drinking it to allow the wine to “settle down” to its full flavor. Use the time to examine the physical appearance of the wine particularly its color.

Step 3: To get an accurate observation on the quality of the wine based on its color, tilt the wine glass up to a point where a portion of wine is at the edge of the wine glass and pay attention to any color variations. A wine is measured in quality by how well it holds its color. A good quality wine is clear and relatively consistent in color. It is never brownish in color unless it is red wine which can slightly turn brown as it ages.