Why Use A Worm Farm Kit?

There are three questions I get asked often at Denju Worms when considering the idea of starting a worm farm. The first question is, “Why use a worm farm kit?” The second question I get is, “What do worms eat?” and the third question I get is, “Are worms better than nutrients added directly to my compost heap?” In this article I will answer all the above questions and explain why I use a worm farm kit to get started with worm farming.

Worms eat organic waste matter and because they live in the soil, they ingest organic matter such as leaves, wood and garden waste which are high in nutrients and contain carbon. Worms also eat bacteria, algae, other worms and slugs so you need to make sure that your compost piles are not full of these kinds of waste materials and have good aeration if you want your compost to have good bacteria in it. Adding worm castings to your compost will help improve the aeration of your compost pile.

If you use manure from animals, sheep, or cows you will want to make sure that the animal waste is worm free because there will be active worm colonies in the compost when the worm farmer starts releasing the castings into the compost. This is why I prefer using a worm farm as opposed to making my own compost bin. Using a worm farm kit allows me to control the environment in my compost making it a closed system where the worms are happier and healthier, the worms eat well and the result is a healthy natural product that my garden plants will thrive on.

A Review Of Spectrum Curtains & Blinds

The doors and windows of your home are the threshold to the outside world. They allow in light, air and access to your home. It is important that you choose curtains and blinds that are just right for your space, and meet its specific requirements.

Often when people visit a store that offers curtains and blinds, they find it difficult to visualise how the products would look in their home. And this is where Spectrum Curtains offers a unique and fantastic service. The brand comes to your home or office space, so that you can select from a wide range of window treatment options. From curtains and drapes, to blinds in many different styles, you can choose from a wide range of samples.

Invaluable Free Measure and Quote Service

The free measure and quote service is appreciated by clients. They like the fact that the brand’s interior decorators consider the requirements of the home, and review them, and then make recommendations. Whether you are looking to change the décor of the room, or simply wish to install blinds that will keep out the bright sunlight, Spectrum Curtains has a lot to offer.

The family owned business was established in 1973 by Barry Ryder, and is now owned and run by Sophie Unland. Sophie is an accredited interior decorator, and has years of experience in the business. Reviews and testimonials state that she enjoys helping clients invest in the curtains and blinds that suit their home and their budget. Spectrum Curtains & Blinds is now a mobile business.

Sophie understands that it is imperative for clients to see the samples of curtains and blinds in the space that they will be installed.

Customized Window Furnishing Solutions

Being an interior decorator, Sophie is often able to visualise a given space in a manner that homeowners may not be able to. This gives them the added the benefit of receiving customized window furnishing solutions from a professional. Whether a client is opting for blinds or drapes, Spectrum Curtains offer clients an array of choices that can be custom made for their home.

Spectrum Curtains also offers plantation shutters that look modern and chic, and can be custom built for the client’s home. Pelmet treatments ensure that the window furnishings look just right. The business also offers accessories such as swags and valances that clients may wish to opt for based on the décor of the room. Spectrum Curtains & Blinds prides itself on its quality workmanship and service. With good reason it has a loyal clientele that appreciates the brand’s expertise and honesty, and this is reflected in their splendid reviews.